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How Lumigerms Help to Emphasize the Importance of Proper Hand Washing

Hand washing is the most effective way in preventing the spreading of germs. Failing to do hand washing properly meaning failing to protect ourselves from germs or giving them to others. How to make sure that our hand washing practice is correct? So we can be sure we’re not spreading anything from our hands in our home, school or workplace?

Here is where Lumigerms can help. As we know, germs are invisible with normal human eyes. With Lumigerms, you will be able to simulate having germs on your hands and put your hand washing techniques under a test!

Attached video will show you step by step to use Lumigerms products to see if you’ve been practicing a proper hand washing and if you’ve been failing to do it, you will be able to see which area of your hands you’ve been missing from washing.

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper hand washing. Watch out when it glows!